Active Pharma Ingredients

Name Therapeutic Use DMF/Written Confirmation CAS Number
Alendronate Sodium /Acid Osteoporosis Available 121268-17-5
Allopurinol Antigout Available 315-30-0
Bisacodyl Laxative Available 603-50-9
Eosin Disodium Antiseptic Written Confirmation 17372-87-1
Eplerenone Antihypertensive Available 107724-20-9
Etidronate Sodium Osteoporosis Under Preparation 2809-21-4
Fosphenytoin Sodium Antiepileptic Available 92134-98-0
Glycopyrrolate Anticholinergic (CNS) Under Preparation 596-51-0
Ibandronate Sodium/Acid Osteoporosis/Anticancer Written Confirmation 138926-19-9
Ondansetron Hydrochloride Antinausea and Antivomit Under Preparation 103639-04-9
Pamidronate Disodium/Acid Osteoporosis/Anticancer Available 57248-88-1
Phenobarbitone Anticonvulsant Available 50-06-6
Phenytoin Base/Sodium Antiepileptic Available 57-41-0 / 630-93-3
Picosulfate Sodium Laxative Available 10040-45-6
Pioglitazone HCL Antidiabetic Available 112529-15-4
Propyl Gallate Antioxidant Available 121-79-9
Risedronate Sodium/Acid Osteoporosis Written Confirmation 115436-72-1
Risperidone Antipsychotic Available 106266-06-2
Silver Sulfadiazine Infected Burns Written Confirmation 22199-08-2
Telmisartan Antihypertensive Available 144701-48-4
Tizanidine HCL Muscle Relaxant Available 64461-82-1
Trimetazidine HCL Cardio-Vascular Available 13171-25-0
None of the products will be supplied to countries in which, it could be in conflict with the existing patent. However the responsibility lies with a buyer.